It's Monday Till It's Friday

It's Monday Till It's Friday is a real life retro scrolling calendar that only has two days on it for every week: Monday and Friday. Each week features a sassy ass girl's experience during both days. The series is a critique of the way pubescent high school days and lame office jobs have created dread on Mondays and excitement on Fridays. The digital, live version of the calendar can be found on Instagram at @mondaytillfriday.

NO girl FMP.jpg
No girl Palm Trees.jpg
Alarm clock girld FMP.jpg
Girl Clock FMP.jpg
Girl Rain FMP.jpg
Girl Confetti FMP.jpg
Girl Coffee Bucket.jpg
Girl Wine Bottle FMP.jpg
Girl Ladybug.jpg
Girl Bee FMP.jpg
Girl Headphones FMP.jpg
Girl Beer FMP.jpg
Sleeping Shades Girl FMP.jpg
Girl Cucumber.jpg
Girl cigarettes FMP.jpg
Girl cigarettes Happy FMP.jpg
Girl Pillow FMP.jpg
Girl Sleeping FMP.jpg
Tears girl FMP.jpg
LOL girl FMP.jpg
Girl tape FMP.jpg
Girl Tape Sleep fMP.jpg
Girl Bird FMP.jpg
Girl Bird Friday FMP.jpg
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